IECwind question

Dear all,
are the NWP files produced by IECwind 5.01.01 compatible with FAST 7.00.00 ?

I receive an error if I use that NWPs file in FAST. I noticed that they contain one significant line @ time = 0
If I manually add one line with time = 999 (other values the same) no FAST error is generated and the simulation starts and complete well.

Any idea?



I’m afraid I do not know the answer to that question, and Bonnie, who would, is out on maternity leave for a few months. It seems to me that I’ve generally had at least two lines in my wind files–one at t=0 and one at y=9999. I really see no reason to require two, so I’d rather not take the time to modify IECwind. Maybe we can address this issue when we finish fixing AeroDyn. For now, just add a second line.


Dear Stefano,

A similar question was asked and answered in this forum post:

I’ve heard from Bonnie that she has already changed AeroDyn to allow only one line in the current (unreleased) version she was working on before her maternity leave.

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