ULEN Parameter (WAMIT)

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I have a doubt regarding the ULEN parameter. I am trying to nondimensionalize several data and adapt them to the WAMIT format to generate the .hst .1 and .3 files and the ULEN parameter is required, but I do not know very well what length it refers to.

According to the WAMIT manual:

ULEN is the dimensional length characterizing the body dimension. This parameter corresponds to the quantity L used in Chapter 4 to nondimensionalize the quantities output from WAMIT. ULEN can be input in any unit of length, meters, or feet for example, as long as the length scale of all other inputs is in the same units. ULEN must be a positive number, greater than 10−5. An error return and warning statement are generated if the last restriction is not satisfied.

But I don’t know if characteristic length refers to waterline length, the maximum length, or any other.

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Dear @Ivan.Fernandez,

ULEN in WAMIT is a user-defined length scale. You can set the value to be whatever you want. We often set it to unity so that the WAMIT output data is dimensional and ULEN has no effect.

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