Convert WADAM output file to WAMIT file format

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Our team is just doing some calculations about a floating platform with the HydroDyn Code, unfortunately, we found what HydroDyn needed is the WAMIT output file format .1 .3 and .hst file. And for us, the hydrodynamic properties of the platform are obtained by the WADAM, so there is some problem with how to convert a WADAM output file format to a WAMIT file format.

For now, the .hst file which contains the hydrostatic restoring matrix can be found in the WADAM output file .LIS as the ' HYDROSTATIC RESTORING COEFFICIENT MATRIX' directly, but how could I generate the .1 and .3 file by the WAMIT output file .LIS , since the .1 file is 6X6frequency-dependent hydrodynamic added-mass and damping matrix of the platform and the .3 file is the 6X1 frequency- and direction-dependent first-order wave-excitation force vector of the platform.

And actually, we can found the 6X6 'TOTAL ADDED MASS MATRIX' and the'TOTAL DAMPING MATRIX' versus different wavelength and wave periods in the WAMIT  .LIS output file and the 'TOTAL EXCITING FORCES AND MOMENTS' versus different wavelength/wave period and heading angle also, we just don't knowhow to make them to a WAMIT file format, and could you please help us with this problem? thanks.

A simplified WADAM output file is shown below as the attachment and which is only a part of the whole .LIS file generated by WADAM, only the result of two different wavelength/wave periods and with its different direction is shown in the attachment, and you can use this do some simple explanations. 


WADAM.txt (116 KB)

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