WAMIT-scaling of hydrodynamic coefficients

I am using WAMIT v.7 for the first order frequency domain calculation to obtain hydrodynamic coefficients. I am aware that WAMIT produces coefficients in the non-dimensional form, and the scaling can be done based on WAMIT manual v7 3.2, page 3-4 to obtain full-scale results.

But, my query is how to determine the chracteristic length (L) for bodies like DeepCsemi platfrom?

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Dear @Touhidul.Islam,

You can set the characteristic length in WAMIT however you want, but make sure to set the same value via HydroDyn input WAMITULEN. I often just use a characteristic length of unity (WAMITULEN = 1 meter), so that the geometric data file in WAMIT is defined in coordinates with the units of meters.

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