TurbSim Test Error


I have tried to test the [color=blue]Certtest matlab command in TurbSim version 1.4. An error was generated.

[color=red]??? Error using==> textscan
First input must be of type double.

Error in ==> loadColumnData at 135
tmp1=textscan(tmp, ‘%s’, ms);

Error in ==> CopareHHfiles at 49

Error in ==> CertTest at 5

The other two errors in my opinion are also caused by the first one. My Matlab version is Matlab 7.0.1 (R14) Service Pack 1. Is Matlab Version the reason where the error comes from?



The scripts that read the TurbSim data were created using newer versions of Matlab than you are using. The textscan function in older versions works differently than the current version, and that seems to be causing the error you are getting. You can look at the MathWorks documentation for more information on the changes to textscan().

I would recommend using the CertTest without the Matlab option for now. To use the Matlab option, you will have to either upgrade to a later version or change the lines causing errors (using, for example, the strread function).


:slight_smile: Thanks for your rapid reply.