Error in running TurbSim

Dear all:

I have a problem when running TurbSum. When I type the syntax in command promote as the instruction of TurbSim, it shows an error like:

C:>Users\s1707212\Downloads\TurbSim\TurbSim64.exe CertTest.inp
Using NWTC Subroutine Library (v1.04.01, 21-Feb-2012).

Running TurbSim (v1.06.00, 21-Sep-2012).
Cannot open file “CertTest.sum”. Another program like MS Excel may have locked it for writing.

Aborting TurbSim.

Could you please help with this? Thank you very much.

Dear Yajun.Ren,

It looks like you are running a model called CertTest.inp that is stored in C:; is that correct? Do you have a file named CertTest.sum already located there?

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Dear all
i have a problem when running Turbsim, how can i fix it?
it shows an error like:

Running TurbSim (v2.00.07a-bjj, 14-Jun-2016).
ReadInputFile:OpenFInpFile:The input file, “TurbSim.inp”, was not found.
Aborting TurbSim.

Dear Vahid,

A similar question was asked and answered in my post dated May 19, 2015 in the following forum topic:

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Dear Jason,
Thanks a lot for your attention,
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Could I know where can I download the latest version of Turbsim?

I have downloaded a zip folder called Turbsim-master where I cant find any certtest.inp.

Satish J.

Dear Satish,

TurbSim v2.0 is available on my Google Drive: … sp=sharing. And there is a slightly newer version of Turbim, based on v2.0, included in the OpenFAST repository in github.

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Dear Jason,

Thanks for your reply.

I will check this one, thanks!

Satish J

Dear Jason,

I am getting following error when I run the Turbsim and I have attached input file. Could you please advice me on this?

[code]D:\UCD\PhD\OpenFast\Turbsim\New folder>TurbSim_x64 TurbSim_630.inp


Copyright (C) 2020 National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Copyright (C) 2020 Envision Energy USA LTD

This program is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0 and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
See the “LICENSE” file distributed with this software for details.

Running TurbSim a part of OpenFAST - v2.4.0-dirty
linked with NWTC Subroutine Library

Reading the input file “TurbSim_630.inp”.
ReadInputFile:ProcessLine_IECstandard:The IECstandard input parameter must be either “1”, “2”, or
“3” with an optional IEC 61400-1 edition number (“1-ED2”). If specified, the edition number must
be “2” or “3”.

Aborting TurbSim.[/code]

Satish J
TurbSim_630.inp.rtf (6.36 KB)

Dear Satish,

It looks like your TurbSim input file is compatible with TurbSim v1.50, but TurbSim within OpenFAST is based on TurbSim v2.00. You can find the TurbSim v2.00 archive, with appropriately formatted input files, here: … sp=sharing.

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Dear Jason,

Thanks for your reply.

I edited my turbsim input according to v2.00 and I got the output, thanks!

Satish J

Dear jason
when i run TurbSim v1.50 i get the followng error. The only thing i changed in the input file is uref

how can i fix this?

best regards

Dear Georgia,

Are you saying you run TurbSim v1.50 and it runs as expected, change Uref in the TurbSim input and run again and get this error? This doesn’t really make sense to me. Sharing your TurbSim input file may help me understand.

Best regards,

Dear Jason

i got this error before changing uref . I havent run turbSim successfully
should i change the location of turbsim?

this is the last input file i used
thank you

TurbSim Input File. Valid for TurbSim v1.50, 25-Sep-2009

---------Runtime Options-----------------------------------
2318573 RandSeed1 - First random seed (-2147483648 to 2147483647)
RANLUX RandSeed2 - Second random seed (-2147483648 to 2147483647) for intrinsic pRNG, or an alternative pRNG: “RanLux” or “RNSNLW”
False WrBHHTP - Output hub-height turbulence parameters in binary form? (Generates RootName.bin)
False WrFHHTP - Output hub-height turbulence parameters in formatted form? (Generates RootName.dat)
False WrADHH - Output hub-height time-series data in AeroDyn form? (Generates RootName.hh)
False WrADFF - Output full-field time-series data in TurbSim/AeroDyn form? (Generates Rootname.bts)
True WrBLFF - Output full-field time-series data in BLADED/AeroDyn form? (Generates RootName.wnd)
False WrADTWR - Output tower time-series data? (Generates RootName.twr)
False WrFMTFF - Output full-field time-series data in formatted (readable) form? (Generates RootName.u, RootName.v, RootName.w)
True WrACT - Output coherent turbulence time steps in AeroDyn form? (Generates RootName.cts)
True Clockwise - Clockwise rotation looking downwind? (used only for full-field binary files - not necessary for AeroDyn)
0 ScaleIEC - Scale IEC turbulence models to exact target standard deviation? [0=no additional scaling; 1=use hub scale uniformly; 2=use individual scales]

--------Turbine/Model Specifications-----------------------
13 NumGrid_Z - Vertical grid-point matrix dimension
13 NumGrid_Y - Horizontal grid-point matrix dimension
0.05 TimeStep - Time step [seconds]
600 AnalysisTime - Length of analysis time series [seconds] (program will add time if necessary: AnalysisTime = MAX(AnalysisTime, UsableTime+GridWidth/MeanHHWS) )
40 UsableTime - Usable length of output time series [seconds] (program will add GridWidth/MeanHHWS seconds)
84.2876 HubHt - Hub height [m] (should be > 0.5GridHeight)
80.00 GridHeight - Grid height [m]
80.00 GridWidth - Grid width [m] (should be >= 2
0 VFlowAng - Vertical mean flow (uptilt) angle [degrees]
0 HFlowAng - Horizontal mean flow (skew) angle [degrees]

--------Meteorological Boundary Conditions-------------------
“SMOOTH” TurbModel - Turbulence model (“IECKAI”=Kaimal, “IECVKM”=von Karman, “GP_LLJ”, “NWTCUP”, “SMOOTH”, “WF_UPW”, “WF_07D”, “WF_14D”, or “NONE”)
“1-ED3” IECstandard - Number of IEC 61400-x standard (x=1,2, or 3 with optional 61400-1 edition number (i.e. “1-Ed2”) )
“A” IECturbc - IEC turbulence characteristic (“A”, “B”, “C” or the turbulence intensity in percent) (“KHTEST” option with NWTCUP model, not used for other models)
“NTM” IEC_WindType - IEC turbulence type (“NTM”=normal, “xETM”=extreme turbulence, “xEWM1”=extreme 1-year wind, “xEWM50”=extreme 50-year wind, where x=wind turbine class 1, 2, or 3)
default ETMc - IEC Extreme Turbulence Model “c” parameter [m/s]
default WindProfileType - Wind profile type (“JET”,“LOG”=logarithmic,“PL”=power law,“IEC”=PL on rotor disk,LOG elsewhere, or “default”)
84.2876 RefHt - Height of the reference wind speed [m]
24 URef - Mean (total) wind speed at the reference height [m/s] (or “default” for JET wind profile)
default ZJetMax - Jet height [m] (used only for JET wind profile, valid 70-490 m)
default PLExp - Power law exponent [-] (or “default”)
default Z0 - Surface roughness length [m] (or “default”)

--------Non-IEC Meteorological Boundary Conditions------------
default Latitude - Site latitude [degrees] (or “default”)
0.05 RICH_NO - Gradient Richardson number
default UStar - Friction or shear velocity [m/s] (or “default”)
default ZI - Mixing layer depth [m] (or “default”)
default PC_UW - Hub mean u’w’ Reynolds stress (or “default”)
default PC_UV - Hub mean u’v’ Reynolds stress (or “default”)
default PC_VW - Hub mean v’w’ Reynolds stress (or “default”)
default IncDec1 - u-component coherence parameters (e.g. “10.0 0.3e-3” in quotes) (or “default”)
default IncDec2 - v-component coherence parameters (e.g. “10.0 0.3e-3” in quotes) (or “default”)
default IncDec3 - w-component coherence parameters (e.g. “10.0 0.3e-3” in quotes) (or “default”)
default CohExp - Coherence exponent (or “default”)

--------Coherent Turbulence Scaling Parameters-------------------
“M:\coh_events\eventdata” CTEventPath - Name of the path where event data files are located
“Random” CTEventFile - Type of event files (“LES”, “DNS”, or “RANDOM”)
true Randomize - Randomize the disturbance scale and locations? (true/false)
1.0 DistScl - Disturbance scale (ratio of wave height to rotor disk). (Ignored when Randomize = true.)
0.5 CTLy - Fractional location of tower centerline from right (looking downwind) to left side of the dataset. (Ignored when Randomize = true.)
0.5 CTLz - Fractional location of hub height from the bottom of the dataset. (Ignored when Randomize = true.)
30.0 CTStartTime - Minimum start time for coherent structures in RootName.cts [seconds]

NOTE: Do not add or remove any lines in this file!

Dear Georgia,

OK, that makes more sense. You are getting this error because you’ve set WrACT = True, which requires that you have the coherent structure data files stored on your computer, located in the directory indicated by CTEventPath. I suspect that you don’t actually want to use the coherent structures, so, set WrACT = False and the error should disappear.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,
thank you! my problem is solved

best regards,

Hello Dr. Jonkman,

  1. I have downloaded the TurbSim_v2.0 from the google drive (the link you have attached in one of the posts). I have followed the instruction (hopefully) as per User guide and Installation of NWTC design code paper by Marshal Buhl.

However, when I am writing the command from my windows prompt it says ; “TurbSim not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” I have changed the path as per Marshall’s document and created Batch file in separate folder with one line “C:\TurbSim\TurbSim_v2.00.exe %1 %2”.

I am not able to get where I am missing. Can you please suggest where the problem is?

  1. Further, If I have a folder name example(say) where I have put my input file(say turbsim.inp) then which other files do I need to keep in the same folder example along with .inp file?


Best regards,

Dear Mohd,

You should only need the TurbSim input file, unless you are using advanced features such as the coherent structures.

Can you place the TurbSim executable in the same directory as your TurbSim input file and run it there? For example, if you have TurbSim_v2.00.exe stored in C:\TurbSim, along with the input file, turbsim.inp, does typing work?

C:\TurbSim\TurbSim_v2.00.exe turbsim.inp

Best regards,

Thanks, Dr. Jonkman for the solution and reply. It worked :slight_smile:

Hello Dr. Jonkman,

  1. Can we use the turbsim user defined spectral model “USRINP” and “TIMESR” for tidal specific cases ? I have my own data both as freq vs spectra and time series data.

  2. If we can, then in that case I have my own tidal shear profile which i need to input in windprofile “USRINP”. Can we do that instead of using H2L ?