The variable "AFAeroMod" was not found

Dear all,

I’m trying to run the 5MW_Land_ModeShapes r-test but I get this error:

I’m using the precompiled binaries for OpenFAST v3.4.0, downloaded from here: Release OpenFAST v3.4.0 · OpenFAST/openfast · GitHub

The r-test folder was downloaded from here: GitHub - OpenFAST/r-test at 1acc4a13182bcf48c3948ce24ea24acd5b0850eb

Also, I haven’t modified any archive.

May I know why I’m facing this issue?

Best regards,
Ignacio López

Dear Ignacio,

My apologies for the issue with the regression test. We somehow missed updating the input files for this test (it isn’t automatically run). A few edits are needed to get this test running.

Remove the 2 on line 7 to read as follows:
1 AFAeroMod

Then insert the following two lines just before the Environment Conditions section starting at line 14:

False         CompAA             - Flag to compute AeroAcoustics calculation [used only when WakeMod = 1 or 2]
"unused"      AA_InputFile       - AeroAcoustics input file [used only when CompAA=true]

Remove the 5 on line 19 to read:
1 VSContrl - Variable-speed control mode {0: none, 1: simple VS, 3: user-defined ...

These two files had been updated to use value + keyword pairs. So the presence of two numbers at the start of the line was causing the file parser to not find the keyword (it only searches the first two words on the line). AeroDyn was also updated to include aeroacoustics some time ago, but evidently wasn’t updated here.

Thanks for alerting us to these issues. I’ll get these corrected in our dev branch.


Thank you very much @Andy.Platt

Dear Andy,
I am not sure if my error is related to your response.
I am referring to the file:
which I downloaded from the repository: here
I have already modified AFAeroMod to 1 (steady model) and the Servodyn file as you mentioned.
The CompAA variable appears at line 14 (at line 13 there is the keyword -Buoyancy-).
I got the following error:
“The variable “CompAA” was not found on line #13.”
Although I removed line 13, I had then errors in the following lines (e.g. The variable “NumTwrNds” was not found on line #61.)
I am using:
2 CompAero - Compute aerodynamic loads (switch) {0=None; 1=AeroDyn v14; 2=AeroDyn v15}
in the fst file
and I am running OpenFAST-v3.2.1

Also, I need to add the Aerodyn file is different from the one provided in the workshop OpenFASTWorkshop_220919_NAWEA_NewarkDE, since this working one has not the keyword Buoyancy and the airfoil data are provided in polar coordinates. I am not sure if I can use this version instead of the one provided in the repository.

Can you help me with that?
Many thanks

Dear @Alessandro.Tombari,

Sounds like your problem is associated with input file format capability with different versions of OpenFAST. The input file changes with each release of OpenFAST are documented here: 4.1.2. API changes between versions — OpenFAST v3.4.0 documentation. And you can always enable the Echo option to debug problems associated with input file formatting.

Best regards,

Dear @Alessandro.Tombari,

As @Jason.Jonkman alluded to, there were some changes between versions. The Buoyancy input for AeroDyn was added in OpenFAST v3.4.0. I suspect you are using the v3.4.0 AeroDyn input file with an earlier version of OpenFAST. A v3.3.0 version of the AeroDyn input file is available here: r-test/NRELOffshrBsline5MW_OC3Monopile_AeroDyn15.dat at v3.3.0 · OpenFAST/r-test · GitHub. You can access other versions through the dropdown on the top left of the page:


Thank you @Jason.Jonkman and @Andy.Platt , I am not familiar with GitHub. I am getting there little by little. I was using a built version from one of Jason’s workshop. I have found the binaries for OpenFast 3.4 so I can use the latest files directly. Many thanks