Help for Aerodynamic calculation

Dear Jonkman

I am so sorry to bother you, but I hope to get some help from you for aerodynamic calculation.

When I set wakemod = 3, windtype = 3 (binary turbosim FF) and the incoming wind speed is 15m/s, the error shown in the figure will appear when I run openfast.But When I set wakemod = 3, windtype = 1 (steady), and the incoming wind speed is 15m/s, I can run openfast normally.

Best regards


Hi Russel.Xu,

This might point to an internal bug in FVW, but it could also be that you are using an older version of the code and this bug has been fixed.

In the dev version of OpenFAST, the error message you saw is not supposed to be displayed at all.

Could you maybe try with the dev version of OpenFAST?

You might have to update your input files unfortunately (in particular the ElastoDyn/AeroDyn and FST files have changed recently). The changes in input files from 3.0 to dev are listed here: … hange.html
But sometimes it’s easier to look at the example files of the r-test, for instance: … lWing_OLAF

Let us know if the problem is still in dev.


Dear Emmanuel

I’m sorry to reply you so late.

The version of openfast I used is 3.0. Do you mean I need to use the dev version of openfast? Where can I download the dev version of openfast.

Best regards,

Dear Russel.Xu,

The dev branch of OpenFAST can be downloaded from the OpenFAST repository (, but unfortunately we do not provide binaries for this version, it has to be compiled from source. You can find information on how to do that on the documentation of OpenFAST: … rom-source
If you can wait a couple more months, I believe a new release of OpenFAST will be out and hopefully you won’t encounter this issue.