Surrogate model using OpenFast

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I am trying to do a surrogate model for fatigue analysis. There are several ways to do a surrogate: RSM, Kriging,…
The surrogate needs two steps before it could be applied on the entire set of data:

1- training
2- validation of the model

In order to do the first step, a subset is chosen, then, the output variable is computed. What i trying to do is to use OpenFast to generate the surrogate. My question is : is it possible to change for example the wave height and wave period of HydroDyn module from MATLAB? same for the input file of Turbsim ?



Dear @Riad.Elhamoud,

A couple comments:

  • The scripts in the MATLAB Toolbox (GitHub - OpenFAST/matlab-toolbox: Collection of Matlab tools developed for use with OpenFAST) or Python toolbox (GitHub - OpenFAST/python-toolbox ) can be used to read and write OpenFAST input files. So, using these scripts, it would not be difficult to write your own MATLAB- or Python-based scripts to generate OpenFAST input files based on a master set of OpenFAST input files. This topic was discussed a bit in the github issues page of the the OpenFAST repository: #573. Please note that the MATLAB scripts have not been updated for some time, and so, likely need some updating to work with the newest versions of HydroDyn and TurbSim.

  • Python wrappers (but not MATLAB wrappers) have been developed for many of the OpenFAST modules such that a python driver can define the data that would normally be specified through the OpenFAST input files without specifically writing data to a file. This functionality is built into our new WEIS framework to support integrated loads analysis, design, and optimization of wind turbines–see: GitHub - WISDEM/WEIS: Wind Energy with Integrated Servo-controls Toolset.

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Dear @Jason.Jonkman

Thanks a lot !!!