step by step guide to run FAST

Hi everyone,

Although I tried to check many parts of the forum and also the User Guide for FAST, I did not manage to find a step by step guide where I can follow all the processes that I have to follow to run a successful FAST simulation. My question is to figure out if there is anything like this anywhere?

And the reason is, I am very new to FAST, I am trying to understand how it works and I believe this would be easier with real case files. I would be very pleased if anyone can guide me about this?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Emre,

Unfortunately, we don’t have step-by-step instructions for starting with FAST. It may be helpful to review the presentations and sample models/simulations that were presented at our last modeling workshop. These are available for FAST v8.08 (not quite the newest version, but I don’t have newer materials that are so comprehensive) in my Sep 15, 2014 post in the forum topic found here: After that, I suggest that you study the various user’s guides and theory manuals.

Best regards,