Learn FAST

Hi everyone,

I am an Engineering student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and want to learn how to use FAST. Could anyone direct me to a location where I can find information on how to use the software? I tried reading through the user guide but it was so overwhelming I had no idea where to start. Are there any courses available to learn this software?

Dear Josh,

We typically offer workshops on FAST and other wind turbine design tools 1-2 times per year (locations varying). The last workshop was held in March under CREW in Colorado. More information – including the presentations and sample simulations that were given at this workshop – are now available from: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/nrel-crew-design-codes-workshop-in-boulder-colorado-usa/333/1.

Until another workshop is scheduled, the best way to learn FAST would be to review the presentations and run the sample simulations from the link above.

Happy modeling,