Rough time scale to learn and implement FAST

Hi folks,

I’m an M.Eng Aero student and would like to implement FAST on my final project. I’ve never used it before and wondered if anyone knew a rough time scale of how long it takes to learn and carry out an analysis on a HATT.

I need to have the project finished by December, would this be realistic???

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Dear Kristian,

If you already understand the concepts of wind-turbine dynamics, aerodynamics, and control, it should not take long. It is much easier to learn than a general-purpose multibody code such as ADAMS, as FAST uses the language of wind-turbine engineers. As for how long it will take, I really can’t say, as I started developing it before I started using it.

One of our interns said he thought a day’s introduction to it should be sufficient and getting your project done by December should not be a problem. Start with one of the supplied models in the CertTest folder and make changes to it.

The user’s guide is really quite thorough, so I strongly recommend reading it, although I would just skim the tables of input and output variables to see what sorts of things are possible. It’s a real page turner… ;-)


Dear Marshal,

Thank you very much for your valuable advice. Your time is appreciated.


P.s. I started reading the user guide last night, I just couldn’t put it down!! :laughing:

Dear Kristian,

A good way to get started with FAST would be to go through the presentations and sample models/simulations that were presented at our last modeling workshop workshop. See my August 13, 2012 post from the forum topic found here: These will give you a good overview on what is involved in running FAST and give you a little experience running simulations. The FAST User’s Guide will then be easier to read after you have had this introduction.

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Dear Jason,

Thanks for the info. That will be fantastic!!!