FAST framework automation.

Hi all,
During my research, I’ve found that I’ve to make my FAST model run several times in a loop.So, I wanted to ask if there is any way to make all modeling steps (Wind data, Precomp, Airfoil input data, AeroDyn…etc) to run automatically in the right order instead of running each software alone in command prompt every time.

Dear Khaled,

A similar question has been asked before–see e.g. the forum topic found here: Unfortunately, we have not yet been budgeted the time to upgrade our internal RunIEC script enough to support its public distribution.

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Dear Khaled,

Have you tried creating a simple Windows batch file? If you do not expect the script to modify your input files, it should be easy to write and use.


Dear Marshall,
Thank you for your reply. I was thinking about the same solution you gave. The problem is I’m still a beginner user to FAST and still exploring it, so I thought there might be some straight-forward solution that I can use. Also my work includes changing input files which I think will make it harder to form a functioning loop. Thanks again for your effort and I’ll try to do it.