Steady-state response of 5MW

Hi all,

I was trying to understand how the steady-state response of the 5MW baseline wind turbine was plotted on Fig 9.1 on
“Definition of a 5-MW Reference Wind Turbine for Offshore System Development” technical report.
I have obtained the tabular listing of the values used in Figure 9-1 from NREL5MW Rotor Speed Data posted by Jason Jonkman.

Can I get any one of the wind speed input files, for 2m/s or 3m/s…25m/s, that were used to get those values?
or can you check the attached file, a turbsim (.hh) file that I edited to get a steady uniform wind speed of 2m/s? just want to make sure before continuing to edit and use similar (.hh) files for 3m/s,4ms,….25m/s and run FAST with Aerodyne to get the steady state response.

Thank you
Ashenafi Araya
turbsoutputeditedfor2ms.txt (45 KB)

Dear Ashenafi,

Your .hh file looks fine. Of course, you can make such a simple file by hand instead of by using TurbSim.

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