Wind Data file called 90m_12mps for 5MW turbine example

We are trying to run FAST to process the 5MW turbine example found in the zip file called A wind data file is referenced as WindData/90m_12mps and this file is not included in the *.zip. Where can we find this file? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Dick K.

Dear Dick,

I have not supplied the wind data file referenced in the .zip archive of the NREL 5-MW baseline wind turbine. This is because (1) wind data files are very large and (2) the wind data file referenced is only a sample file I used to test the model. It would be easier for you to generate your own wind data file(s) than to have me send one or more to you. The TurbSim wind-simulation code found on our design codes website can be used to generate these data files:

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Hi Jason,

Could you possibly post the TurbSim input file or the summary file for this example? I’m trying to get an idea of what is reasonable grid spacing for this large turbine; reference post


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I consider my request closed.


I am trying to generate my own wind file for the 5MW wind turbine test.
When i tested the fast602 version with my wind file, it told me as follows:

[color=red]FATAL ERROR in Subrouting GetHHWind.
The hb-height wind file:
" WindData\90m_12mps"
has invalid numeric data on its first data line.

Or sometimes I got this error report:

Simulation Error #1
Simulation Time=0 seconds
Error detected in subroutine ReadFF.
Full field turbulence grid may be too small.

Simulation Error #2
Simulation Time=44.55 seconds
Error detected in subroutine FF_Interp.
FF wind array was exhausted at 44.55 seconds.

Fatal error. simulation aborted.

[color=blue]Does anybody know the reason and help me?



The error in GetHHWind was generated when AeroDyn couldn’t read the the hub-height wind file correctly. It tried to read 8 columns of numeric data, but encountered text or some other invalid characters. The first thing I’d check is that all of your comment lines start with “!”. The file format is specified in the AeroDyn User’s Guide

The Simulation Error #1 (actually a warning) comes from reading a FF file that was generated with GridHeight and/or GridWidth that are not at least 10% larger than the turbine rotor diameter. For the 5MW turbine, it should be something like 140 m.

Your Simulation Error #2 is caused by not generating a long enough wind time series for the turbine simulation you are running. The UsableTime in the TurbSim input file needs to be at least as long as the FAST simulation time (TMax).

You should go back to the TurbSim input file and make sure the FF turbulence you generate there is compatible with the 5MW turbine.


Thanks again for your kindly help. I have learned much from our forums.