steady-state responses of 5mw ref.


I have studied about 5MW Reference report.
I wated to graph Figure 9-1. But I couldn’t same exactly.

Although using the same data, my graph was shaking.
I tried reducing DT(time step) and wind input file several times.

Like with below graphs, I couldn’t remove the shaking ploting.


Would you like to some helps,

Dear MinJi Jo,

If I would guess, it looks like you’ve ran one simulation with a wind file that slowly ramps up in time and have plotted the complete time series but swapped time with wind speed.

As described in the NREL 5-MW specifications report, we generated the results of Figure 9-1 by running a series of FAST with AeroDyn simulations at a number of given, steady, and uniform wind speeds. Separate simulations were run at each wind speed and each simulation was run long enough to ensure that all transient behavior had died out. We recorded the steady-state output values from each simulation and plotted them as a line in Figure 9-1 (thus, only the steady-state response is shown).

I hope that helps.

Best regards,