NREL 5-MW reference turbine

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this question, but am taking a chance anyway.
Is the power or torque curve data for the NREL 5-MW reference turbine given in table form anywhere?

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Are you asking for the numerical data used to make Figure 9-1 from the following report, or something else:

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Yes. Exactly what I was looking for.

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I’ve included the numerical data used to make that figure in the attached text file.

WindSpeedRelationships.txt (2.27 KB)

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I downloaded the file “WindSpeedRelationships.txt”. The data for the rated wind speed is missing. I need to know in particular the maximum thrust. I read in an article that it is 827 kN. Would it be possible to get confirmation of this information? Thank you.


Dear Jessica,

I’ve attached the same table, but with a finer resolution between 10-12 m/s.

Please note that RotThrust in this table is the axial force along the (tilted) shaft, and so, does include some contribution from rotor weight, i.e., RotThrust is not the pure applied aerodynamic thrust.

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WindSpeedRelationships_NearRated.txt (2.48 KB)

Great, thank you for answering so quickly. And for pointing out that the values RotThrust were not the pure aerodynamic thrust. It explains to me why in certain sources I found values much lower than in this table…

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what are the conditions under which these data are obtained (steady/unsteady aero, tower effects, blade/tower deformability…).

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Matteo Rovelli

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This is the data plotted in Figure 9-1 of the NREL 5-MW baseline wind turbine specification report: From that report:

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Thank you very much!

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