Specific standards and guidelines for the design of the wind farm's internal power grid

My project is related to the standards and technical requirements that should be considered in the design of the internal power grid of the wind farm.
I have divided the project into several subsections.
wind turbine transformer, collector system (use of overhead or underground cable, selection of cable and conductor size, collection system topology, etc.), substation, power plant protection and control

For wind turbine transformer standard, I found “IEC/IEEE 60076-16:2018 Transformers for wind turbine applications” and Wind Power Plant Grounding System Design there is a guide IEEE Std 2760™-2020.

I am looking for guidelines, technical requirements and standards for other parts of the project.
Is there a specific requirement or standard for each part of the wind power plant?
Please introduce a book or an article in the field of this project that will help me