Normative about O&M for offshore wind

Hi all,
I am involved in a project related to O&M of offshore wind farms.
At the moment, I am trying to look for relevant normative which may help in defining some key concepts about the topic.
I have not been able to find a normative or standard dedicated to O&M in the offshore environment (not even for Oil and Gas). What I found was:

DNV-OS-J101: Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures.
DNV-OS-J201: Offshore Substations for Wind Farms.
DNV-OS-H101: Marine Operations, General.
DNV-OS-H102: Marine Operations, Design and Fabrication.
ISO-19901-6: Petroleum and natural gas industries – Specific requirements for offshore structures – Part 6: Marine operations.
DNV-RP-C205: Environmental Conditions and Environmental Loads.
BS-EN-50308: Wind Turbines – Protective measures – Requirements for design, operation and maintenance. British Standard.

DNV-OS-H101 deals with non-routine marine operations, I would assume that the guidelines given here can be applied also to routine operations…

Does any of you have experience with the topic? I hope that the question is not out of line with this forum.

Thank you very much!