Some typo's I found in the TurbSim code


I was compiling the code of TurbSim with gfortran and ifort and found two typo’s in the source files which gave me compile time errors. Thought I would share them here so it can be fixed in a future release.
In the FFTMod.f90 file all the Abort() functions were changed to ProgAbort(). However in subroutine ApplySINT an Abort() function was not changed (around line 212).
In the TSsubs.f90 file in subroutine ReadCVarDefault an unexpected element (a comma) was found during compile time in ‘Frmt’. I changed Frmt = “( A10, 2X, , A )” into Frmt = “( A10, 2X, A )”.

That was all, thank you for providing this software.
Have a nice day.

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the feedback. The IVF 10.1 compiler we used to compile TurbSim was a little more forgiving than some others. We will include these changes in a future release.