Compiling Turbsim v2.00.01a-bjj

Dear NREL team,

I wish to all of you a very happy new year. Thank you for your work.

For the scope of a research project, we are trying to compiled TurbSim_v2.00.01a-bjj using Intel compiler.
We are using this specific version as we want to use the “user defined spectrum” fonctionality.

We tried with the current TurbSim_v2.00.01a-bjjpackage (dowloaded under alpha Turbsim version) using :

  • Build.bat with adpated links
  • source code of the package

Things are not working.
We then tried to add the missing libraries folowing the instruction of Build.bat comment (@REM BJJ: Uses v1.07.02, 18-Jan-2012) but we do not manage to make compilation working.

Can you recall the library and source code version of NWTC_lib, Netlib, FFTpack and TSFiles that we should used for the compilation of TurbSim_v2.00.01a-bjj ?



TurbSim v2.0 uses v2.x of NWTC Library. I would not recommend using the Build.bat file for compilation; instead I would use the Visual Studio project file that should be part of the archive.

Alternatively, NREL has recently added TurbSim to the OpenFAST repository on GitHub. You can fork/clone the repository and use the vs-build/TurbSim/TurbSim.vfproj file to compile in Visual Studio with Intel Fortran.

Ok thank you very much for your reply.


Hello Dr.Jonkman,

I am trying to obtain the .exe file for TurbSim. For FAST executable I opened the FAST.sln file in Visual studio and built the solution to get the .exe files.But in case of TurbSim I see the .vfproj file.

Any guidance on how to obtain the .exe file using .vfproj file in Visual studio community edition 2015 will be much appreciated.


Dear Krishnaveni,

The process should the same using the project file. In Visual Studio, a solution (.sln) file contains multiple project (.vfproj) files. If there is only one project file, these are equivalent.

Best regards,

Thank you for your swift response Dr.Jonkman.