Several PSFs based on the DLC case in Mextreme

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I understand that Mextreme can compute extreme-value event tables up to four Partial safety factors (PSF) according to the column of PSFtype for each channel title (ChanTitle) in the Input-Data Layout section of the input file (*.mext).

What should I do if I want to specify different PSFs based on several DLC cases? i.e. specify PSF of 1.1 for all/some channels in case of DLC 1.2 and PSF of 1.35 for all/some channels in case of DLC 1.3 and so on.
I mean that the Channel can have several PSFs based on the type of DLC case.


Dear @Mohamed.Fekry,

In MExtremes, you can specify as many DLCs as you want via NumDLCs. For each DLC, you can specify an independent set of time series data files and PSFs.

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Dear Dr. Jonkman

Thanks for clarification.