FAST pitch problem and MExtreme

I have two serious problems about FAST and MExtremes.
First,I used the FASTv7 recompiled with my bladed-dll to run the IEC dlc,I found the output variables pitch angles (PtchPmzc1,PtchPmzc2,PtchPmzc3)are different. I am sure the the demand angles from dll is right and same.But when I use the first order transfer function as the ptich auctor (Y=alpha*DemandPitch+(1-alpha)*MeasuredPitch),if the alpha=1,the result is normal,if not 1,the three variables ( PtchPmzc1,PtchPmzc2,PtchPmzc3)sometimes become different and illed like below :

I can not find out why the pitch angles are different and illed.
Second,When I finished the IEC dlc,I use the MExtreme to make a statistics, There are thousands of cases to deal with.I set the
NumDLCS to 7, some error happend when from the first DLCs to second DLCs like below:

I have upload the .mext file in the attachments.
Hope your guides
Best Regard!
mext.xlsx (40.2 KB)

Dear Ruiliang,

I’m not sure I can really comment on why your pitch angles are different, as FAST simply uses the pitch angles provided by the controller. Are you sure that the controller DLL is returning the pitch angles through the correct elements of the avrSWAP array?

I’m not familiar with these specific errors in MExtremes, but are you sure each output (particularly between case 1 and case 2) have the same channel layout (columns) and time step, as required by MExtremes?

Best regards,

Dear Jason,
Thank you for all, I have solved these two problems.

Best Regards