Set blade initial conditions for BeamDyn

Dear all,

Does anyone know how to set the initial blade tip displacement and initial pitch in BeamDyn? I know these values can be set in ElastoDyn input file. But I want to use BeamDyn to calculate the blades’ deformation. It seems that BeamDyn ignores these settings in the ElastoDyn input file.

I would really appreciate if you can help.

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Xiaoqi Qu

Dear Xiaoqi Qu,

It is not possible without modification of the source code to set an initial blade-tip displacement in BeamDyn. Instead, it is common practice to neglect the simulation start-up transient (typically about 30 seconds) before processing the output.

The initial blade-pitch angle is set within the ElastoDyn primary input file and applies to blades both modeled in ElastoDyn and BeamDyn.

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Dear Jason,

Thank you for your kind reply. It is really helpful for me.

Best regards.
Xiaoqi Qu