Running Multiple Models in Simulink

Dear All

I wanted to know if it is possible to run multiple models in a simulink file and if so, is there any concern about internal variables of FAST?

I need to simulate 2 identical models with different control strategies (different Generator torque) and compare the results.
I also may need to connect them electrically (for series connected wind farm) with different wind profiles further on my research, so that would be so practical for this case of study.

Thanks in advance

Dear Milad,

Because you want one instance of Simulink calling multiple instances of FAST, you’ll need to have multiple instances of the FAST Dynamic Library (DLL). For that, all you’ve have to do is copy and rename multiple copies of the DLL. Of course, the name of this DLL is hard coded in the Level-2 S-Function (MEX), so, you’ll also need to have recompile and store multiple copies (renamed) of the MEX function. If you are considering an offshore turbine that uses the MAP DLL, or use a controller from a Bladed-style DLL, you’ll also need multiple copies (renamed) of these DLL as well. See Figure 8 in the FAST v8 ReadMe file for more information:

I hope that helps.

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That was very clear and helpful. Thank you very much Mr. Jonkman.

Kind Regards.