Run FAST Simulink model in parallel, using Parallel Computing toolbox

Hello everyone,

I’m simulating wind turbines using FAST V8 on Simulink. I reached a point in my project where I have to run several FAST simulations on Simulink (400, to be precise), which is turning out to be a very time consuming task. My question is, is it possible to run several instances of FAST in Simulink, using the Parallel Computing toolbox? I raise this question because, in the README file of FAST V8, I saw that the Simulink interface uses static variables, so there can be only one instance of the FAST_SFunc mex file in any instance of MATLAB. Would it be possible to work around this matter through MATLAB functions such as parfor or parsim?

Thank you, and best regards,

Manuel Ramos

Dear Manuel,

Sorry, but I’m not familiar with the Parallel Computing toolbox of MATLAB. Perhaps someone else can answer your question.

You can probably run several jobs in parallel by opening up multiple instances of MATLAB.

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