Requesting access to our forum

Note: these rules apply only to accounts on this forum. They do not apply to accounts on other websites.

Before creating a user account, please note our community rules: Community Rules.

There are two steps to creating an account on this forum: (1) click the Sign Up button and enter the information and (2) send an e-mail as described below.

When choosing a user name, you must use your real name. We do not want people to post messages anonymously. Please use the form “Given.Family”. For instance, my user name is “Jason.Jonkman”. Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek would make his user name “JeanLuc.Picard”. If you are from a country where it is customary to have your family name (the name you have in common with other members of your family) first, please reverse the order so that your family name is last.

Here are examples of valid user names:

  • Jason.Jonkman
  • JeanLuc.Picard
  • JeanClaude.vanDamme

Here are examples of invalid user names:

  • jason.jonkman (not capitalized correctly)
  • jasonj (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just initial for last name)
  • jjonkman (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just initial for first name)
  • jason (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just first name)
  • Jason Jonkman (space between names instead of period)
  • Jason.JONKMAN (all caps for the last name)
  • JL.Picard (just initials for first name)
  • JeanLuc.P (just initial for last name)
  • Jean.Luc.Picard (having two periods prevents us from knowing whether to address him as Capt. Picard or Capt. Luc-Picard)
  • Bobbie Sue.Hatfield (spaces not allowed)
  • mary1234 (not capitalized correctly, no dot, just first name, numbers not allowed)

Because we get many access requests from spammers, we have decided to manually activate each new user. After you register, please send an email to Jason Jonkman ( with the exact phrase “Activate Account” for the subject (an email filter will flag it). Include the following information in the body of your message:

Forum Username: the properly capitalized user name you created (must be your name in the form “Given.Family”)
Organization: your school, company, laboratory, or “self” if you do not represent any organization
Organization Type: Choose one of School, Industry, Certifier, Consultant, or Laboratory
Location: the country or US state you currently reside in
Involvement: one sentence on how are you involved in wind and/or water power

Here is what I would send:

Forum Username: Jason.Jonkman
Organization: NREL
Organization Type: Laboratory
Location: US - Colorado
Involvement: I do turbine loads analysis and develop CAE tools to make that job easier

If you wait more than 30 days to send the email after you register, I will delete the account.

IMPORTANT: This is a test. I do not want people on our forums who can’t follow simple directions.