Access to the Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment Database


I would like to get access to the Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment wind tunnel database. I tried several times (4-5 times) to contact the responsible person, the contact adress given on the bottom of the following page:

Unfortunately I never got an answer. Due to the reason that I do not want to bother people with spaming their email account I would like to ask here what I can do to get an account. Do I have to satisfy any criterion I don’t know?

Thanks for your help.


Did you try to contact Scott Schreck? If not, his email is ScottSchrecknrelgov. If you did email Scott, please send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

Dear Andreas,

I asked Scott Schreck about this and he said that he has several requests for UAE data that he simply hasn’t had time to respond to. The biggest probem with all of these requests is that they are often very open-ended requests for data. This is a problem because of the massive amount of data. Scott told me that it is easiest for him to respond to a request (and, thus, he responds much more quickly) if the request is made for a very specific dataset. That is, it would be better to ask for, say, dataset S0500000 than for, say, all of the Sequence S datasets.

Best regards,

Thanks a lot.

Then I will try to make a more specific request. I merely asked for an account for the whole database.

Is there any page where I can find a description of all experiments already made?


Dear Andreas,

The UAE wind tunnel test is described in this report:

Best regards,

Thank you.

I will soon try to make a more specific request.


Hi Andreas,

Was just wondering if you had any success requesting access? I too would like to view some of the results in the database, however am unsure of the correct means to go about requesting access.

To be more specific I’m interested in how the experimental data may be used to develop future wind tunnel related products.

Feel free to PM me any info.


To reiterate what Jason said, review Appendix C in this report: Please decide on a manageable subset of the data recorded and send your request to ScottSchrecknrelgov. Be specific about what files you want. Requests for large quantities of data will not be honored.

Thank you Marshall, I’ll pin point the exact data I need and send off a request to Scott later.