About the 'Wind Data' Forum

[size=150]What is this forum?[/size]
This forum is for discussions related to wind data collected at the National Wind Technology Center. [u]The main focus is the data that are freely available from the meteorological towers on site (known as M2, M4 and M5).[/u] Please see http://nwtc.nrel.gov/MetData/ for more information.

You might have some luck getting other data through this forum.

[size=150]How do I register for this forum?[/size]
Please see the instructions at [url]http://forums.nrel.gov/t/requesting-access-to-our-forum/130/1] for details of how to register for an account. Your request for an account will be ignored if you don’t follow the instructions given there.

[size=150]Asking Questions[/size]
I encourage you to read existing discussions and documentation at https://nwtc.nrel.gov/MetDataPublications/ (remembering that the PDFs can be searched) before you post questions.