Re: Running problem

Hello everyone, the new computer I use runs for the first time, and the following problem occurs (in attachments). How can I solve it?
Best wishes,
Jingyu, Bian

Hello - Which version of the OpenFAST binary did you download?

Best wishes
Jingyu, Bian

Dear Jinyu, Bian,

And which release of OpenFAST (e.g., v2.5) did you download?

Best regards,

Best wishes,
Jingyu, Bian

Hi Jingyu,

I suggest to try installing the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable library: … tudio-2019

This is typically installed on a Windows system as it is required to run many programs. Please let me know if this solves your problem.

Hello Rafael
Thank you for your reply! I finally solved the problem according to your method.
Jingyu, Bian