Having troubles with running FAST

Dear all
I encountered some problems when running fast on a new computer, when I run FAST, I am prompted that some .dll files are missing.
And when I finish downloading all the DLL files, it will tell me that the application can’t start normally.(with error code 0xc000007b)

BTW:The missing dll files were libmmd.dll, libifcoremd.dll, svml_dispmd.dll , libifportMD.dll

I first encountered this problem when I was using Windows Server, and at that time I thought it was a system problem, but my new computer is experiencing a similar problem.

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I tried a lot of dll repair software, but nothing worked

Dear Tianhui,

The question on how to resolve an error regarding libifcoremd.dll etc. has been answered on OpenFAST issues: github.com/OpenFAST/openfast/issues/352.

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