RANLUX pseudorandom numbers


I´m currently generating several turbulent wind files with the same Input file. The First Random Seed is a number, the second is set to RANLUX.
Therefore i was expexting to get different wind files, but the summary file of all my turbsim files says exactly the same:

[code]Harvested Random Seeds after Generation of the Random Numbers:

889678805 K1
        0 K2

and thus the wind files are all the same.
Can Anyone Help?

Thanks in advance,


Dear Timo,

I’m not sure I understand your question. You say you are generating several turbulent wind files with the same TurbSim input file. Are you changing the random seed between each input file, but get the same harvested seed in the summary file regardless?

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Dear Mr. Jonkman,

thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I thought by selecting RANLUX for the second seed, i thought i´d get different results. I guess that assumption was wrong? Then i don´t get what the difference between selecting 2 random numbers by myself and one random number with the second Seed RANLUX is?

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Dear Timo,

When RandSeed1 and RandSeed2 in TurbSim are both set to numerical values, TurbSim will use an intrinsic (compiler-specific) pseudo-random-number generator (pRNG). When RandSeed2 is set to “RanLux”, TurbSim will use a different pseudo-random-number generator that only requires one seed. See the TurbSim User’s Guide for more information.

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