Proposed Spar-Buoy Mooring Concept

Possible better mooring design of single offshore turbine,
most stably, at lowest cost.

This concept is not ballast dependent, so more legs good.

The next design iteration will add cable redundancy modeled after radio masts, and confirm that loss of upper support would merely leave the tower leaning, without submerging the nacelle. A sea transport and erection method without depending on sea cranes or specialized vessels will be developed.

Here is the finalized version-

Further concept refinement-

This is not exactly the “cell spar” of existing platforms, but buoyancy-cells, called “cans” in offshore engineering parlance, on a truss spar.

Successful 1/300 scale test of spread tension-leg mooring (HAWT actually generates electricity)-

This is the complete system showing underwater components-

Concept for damping excessively-elastic heave response of long (deep-water) mooring lines-