Further Details about the Floating Platform of OC3

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Currently I am interested in the floater design of floating wind turbines. I got a lot of information from the report “Definition of the Floating System for Phase IV of OC3”, e.g. mass, inertia, volume, etc.
However, I’m wondering whether there are further details about the floating platform of OC3, such as geometry, material and desity of the floater shell and ballast, the volume of the hull in the floating platform. Thanks.


Dear Yulin,

The OC3-Hywind specifications were derived from data received from Statoil, but these data did not contain a break out between the ballast and steel parts of the spar. Some members of OC3 tried to reverse-engineer the ballast and steel parts from the overall mass/inertia/cg properties of the OC3-Hywind spar, but these were never “officially” prescribed.

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Dear Jason,

Thanks for your quick response. I will try to analyze this floating structure based on the information you have writen in the report.

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