Possible switch to 10 Hz data collection

At the moment we try to collect data from the instrumentation on the M4 and M5 met towers at 20 Hz. Unfortunately, it looks like this causes problems with some of the instrumentation we use. After trying a lot of different tricks to improve the quality of data at 20 Hz, we have discovered that the easiest solution may be to switch to 10-Hz data acquisition.

Would this change cause any trouble to your project? Please leave comments telling me what impact this might have.

Hi Andy,

Sorry for the slow response. I apparently “unsubscribed” myself and haven’t been receiving updates.

My projects should not be affected by 10Hz sampling.

I still have data to request for one of my projects (involves my dissertation). 10Hz is not a problem for this work, I just have a slight concern over mixing the sampling rates for the data. I will request the data ASAP by and we can see what is possible.

Best regards,

It looks like we finally found the bug that was impacting data collection, and should be able to remain at 20 Hz data collection. I’ll post more information about this in the next few days.