M5 20Hz Data Missing Last File Each Day

Hi Andy,

I noticed that the M5 20Hz MAT files seem to be missing the last data file for each day. That is, the last file is at 23:40 hours instead of 23:50 hours. This behavior started on Jan 03, 2013. Prior to this date, the last file was 23:50 hours (as expected). Consequently, the M5 10 minute data does not have a record for 23:50 hours after Jan 03, 2013.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention in case it could be a “bug”. To see the issue, open any M5 20Hz directory on the server (after Jan 03, 2013) and notice that there is no 23:50 file.

The M4 tower does not seem to have this behavior.

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Got it. We’ve figured out what was happening and will fix this.

That’s great news!

This will really help the continuity of my frequency analysis.


It looks like this behavior has started on the M4 tower as of 11/20/2013.

M4 (20Hz) is missing the last file for each day starting on 11/20/2013 and continues through 12/11/2013.

I decided to post this here in case it is related to the M5 behavior rather than start a new thread.

Just a “heads up”.


Looks like a script for moving the files from the met towers to the network didn’t work quite right. We’ll fix this.

Maybe I am missing something obvious but where do I download 20 Hz wind measurement data? Can somebody post a link?


Hi Dee,

Please see [url]http://forums.nrel.gov/t/where-to-find-data/895/1].

Please also note the comments on that post about attribution and reporting - it’s really important that I know what people are doing with the data and that NREL be acknowledged as the source of this data.