Data Version 1.40

I have updated the met tower data processing software to version 1.40.

What’s new in version 1.40?

  • the software is designed to cope with different file formats, including Labview TDMS, which we have just started using on M5.
  • the software is designed to cope with DAS that have multiple sampling rates, for example sonics that run at 20 Hz and cups that run at 1 Hz.
  • I’ve relaxed the criteria for spikes on the sonic data. I think we were throwing out real signals before, not just noise. I encourage people to look in to denoising algorithms for their own particular applications.
  • I found some particular cases that might have caused the data processing to crash. There should be a higher availability of data than previous versions.

Data have not changed. There have been no other modifications made to the code.

You should start to see this in data with modification dates from about 17:00 Mountain time on January 1, 2015. I will be reprocessing old data over the next few days. If you see any issues, please report them here. Thanks!