Parameters for 10KW wind turbine for simulation on Simuink


I looking to run a simulation for a 10 KW, wind turbine. I have built the model from first principle but need some parameters for the simulation. Can anybody assist me with the following parameters that have worked or they have used:

shaft stiffness [Nm] =
shaft damping coefficient [Nms] =
moment of inertia of generator [kg m^2] =
moment of inertia of wind turbine rotor [kg m^2] =
cut-in wind velocity =
rated wind velocity =
cut-out wind velocity =
pitch angle lower limits =
pitch angle upper limits =
optimal tip speed ratio =
Rs⟶stator resistance [Ω] =
Ld⟶d-axis inductance [H] =
Lq⟶q-axis inductance[H] =
Ψm⟶permanent magnet flux linkage [W_b] =
p⟶number of pole pairs =

It is direct drive and PMSG so no need for gear ratio. And any other parameter that might have been used.

If you can share, I will appreciate it.


Daniel Odoemene

cc @Jason.Jonkman

Dear @Daniel.Odoemene,

Different 10-kW turbines will likely have different parameters. But I would suggest starting with what is in the public domain through the Small Wind Research Turbine (SWRT). The final report of the SWRT project is publicly available (, as well as the associated OpenFAST model (r-test/glue-codes/openfast/SWRT_YFree_VS_WTurb at main · OpenFAST/r-test · GitHub).

Please note that because the SWRT has a tail fin, the OpenFAST model (which does not yet support a tail fin) does not run well. NREL is in the process of adding tail-fin dynamics into OpenFAST (based on previous functionality from FAST v7 and a new tail-fin aerodynamics model under development), after which the SWRT OpenFAST model should run better. Regardless, hopefully the publicly available properties of this turbine are useful for your needs.

Best regards,

Thanks @Jason.Jonkman . This was helpful