How to change the rated power

Hi All,
I’m going to simulate a 3 kw small wind turbine. I try to use the test15.fst and SWRT for simulation. However, it simulates a 10kw wind turbine. The rotor speed I generate is 200-300 rpm which I think is too high for the small wind turbine. I’m not very sure how to set a rated power in FAST or whether there is a mistake on my model so that the rotor speed is so high. Thanks!


Dear Jingyuan,

The SWRT 10-kW turbine is the smallest sample model NREL provides in the CertTest. Obviously, you’ll have to develop your own FAST model for your smaller 3-kW turbine by specifying your own aerodynamic, structural, and control properties.

Regarding the rated power, the SWRT model relies on Kirk Pierce’s sample UserVSCont() Fortran SUBROUTINE for torque control, which reads in a file named “spd_trq.dat” containing the generator torque (in N-m) as a function of rotor speed (in RPM).

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