NuMAD to PReComp error

I am running using the NuMAD, BMODES and PreComp for the first time. I am trying to explore the cose with SNL-100 blade. When I hit the option “RUN PreComp to FAST”, I am landing with below error. The code is pointing to BMODES for possible errors. The BMODES unable to read the input file generated by PreComp. I tried reading the same file,separately in BMODES, but no success. I have also cross verified with the test files which are available with BMODES. They were working fine and were able to generate the necessary data.
May I know if there is any mistakes on my part in settings/configurations of NuMAD to PreComp.
Any lead to the current problem is highly appreciated. thanks in advance for your time and support.

I tried running the sample files on BMODES. They are running fine. I then Tried to take a sample file and changed the contents to NuMAD developed data for both .bmi and blade_sec_props.dat files. The BMODES is working fine and is generating the outputs. I hope there is something to do with the file writing from NuMAD.
Now, I am confused if the NuMAD can be employed directly to generate the FAST input files or they should be done independently via…NuMAD-BMODES-PreComp-FAST.
Any insights into this is highly appreciated.

Dear Madan,

I have not used NuMAD much and have not used the file writing feature you are referring too. Just guessing, but perhaps there is an issue with the line endings in the BModes input files written by NuMAD (perhaps a Windows versus Linux issue)?

Best regards,

Hello Jason,
Thank you for the quick reply.
I tried with Alpha version of BMODES. Downloaded and mapped to NuMAD. Now I am seeing there are NO ERRORS in writing the FAST input files. Attached is a reference. In the next steps I would compare the out put files generated to the files available from NREL website. Will keep posting the developments.