about NuMAD and PreComp

Sorry to interrupt.
I’ve just started learning to use NuMAD recently, and I’m having some problems here that I need help with.
1.NuMAD seems to be able to build only the blade with web structure, but not the blade with solid structure
2. I don’t have the PreComp software module, and I can’t find it on Github and NWTC forum, so Now I can’t use NuMAD coupled PreComp to calculate the blade section characteristics.I need a PreComp software package, I hope someone can provide me with a software installation package.Sincere thanks.

Dear Long,

I can’t comment on the capabilities of NuMAD, but you can find the archive of PreComp v1.00.03 on my Google Drive: drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … sp=sharing.

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dear Jason,
thanks for your help, it’s very helpful.thanks a lot
Bast regards

Does anyone have a sample precomp.pci file and the associated airfoil files? Its impossible to copy them from the pdf of the User’s Guide.

If not, perhaps the contact info of Gunjit would help.


Hi Sam,

These are included in the CertTest directory of the PreComp archive. The PreComp archive is available from here: drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … sp=sharing.

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