NREL 5 MW Root Bending / Tip Deflection Data


I am currently working on an FSI coupling using a panel method.
I would like to verify my approach by comparing root bending moments / tip deflection calculated by FAST against my data, as done in the paper below.

  • flapwise and edgewise root bending moment
  • flapwise and edgewise tip deflection
  • generator power output

of the NREL 5 MW turbine are recorded over time for constant wind speeds of 8, 10, 18 m/s.

Figure 4 and following show what I want to do. (supplied by Eurasian National University) … blications ( “Free/Open Source Multibody and Aerodynamic Software for Aeroservoelastic Analysis of Wind-Turbines” )

I was wondering if the FAST related data for creating the graphs is available somewhere :slight_smile:

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Dear Tobi,

I’m sure the data is available somewhere, but probably not for the exact formats and conditions you want. I suggest that you run FAST yourself to generate the results you need. A complete FAST model of the NREL 5-MW turbine is available as Test18 in the CertTest of the FAST v8 archive: It is not hard to set-up the model to run various simulations under constant wind.

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thanks for the quick reply and for the FAST model reference !
I will acquire the data that way then, just thought it would be better to ask beforehand.

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Dear Tobias,

I believe that some data available on this paper below can be really valuable to you.

Best Regards,
Vitor Ramalho.