How to calculate out-of-plane bending moment?

Hi everyone

I am a newcomer to this forum and to the wind turbine technology.

What I want to do for starters, is to calculate the out-of-plane bending moment vs time for a sample single three bladed HAWT. I want to do that for three different mean streamwise velocity profiles. I have already compiled FAST using the instructions given on (the compilation was done without error, although I couldn’t test the compiled file)

I tried to figure it out by reading FAST user’s manual but I guess what I am looking for is not written there.

I have seen such a calculation in the following paper (Fig 3a is the velocity profile and I want to get something like Fig 6a):

Could anyone please help me or suggest me some easy-to-use reference?

I do not have the physical data of the wind turbine (like hub diameter etc). So, I want to use the data of a sample. Can I use the data in folder “Simulation_NoOutput” in Dr. Jonkman’s Presentation? ( … _GoldenCO/)

If yes, how?

Sincerely Yours

I am not the best person to answer this post, but here are some things that can help you get started.

The CertTest folder in the FAST archive contains several models of wind turbines that you can use. Also in that folder is a spreadsheet called FASTCertTestCases.xlsx, which describes the turbines being modeled. For example, Tests 6-8 contain a 3-bladed 50 kW turbine; Tests 11-14 contain a 1.5 MW turbine. You should also check the description of the tests in that spreadsheet to see what features are being modeled.

In the main directory of the FAST archive is another spreadsheet called OutListParameters.xlsx, which contains a list of all the available output channels for FAST. I’d suggest you look at the “Blade 1 Root Loads” sections for available channel names. There are also sections for Blades 2 and 3. (In particular, you probably want RootMyc1,RootMyc2,RootMyc3).

Also, I am assuming you are using Linux (because of the instructions you used to compile FAST). We have tried to make the sample CertTest cases run on multiple platforms, but be aware that we have not tested it on Linux.

Thank you Bonnie

It really helped. I could use FAST to analyze one of turbine samples (the one in the folder turbines/5mwonshore). Sure I will come up with new questions to ask in near future…