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Hi everyone,

I have read the NREL Wind Turbine Design Guideline DG03 and I’m trying to implement that into a Excel file now.
The operating conditions are seen in the Guideline in Table B-1 and there is my trouble. How can I get the Speed and Oscillation Amplitude from simulation data? The loads are clear.
In the Guideline stands, that the NREL DG01 covers the method to determine loads but I cant’ find it. Where can I find the NREL DG01 to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance for every Response

Best regards from Hamburg, Germany

Dear Dominik,

NREL made a brief foray into the certification business back in the 1990s. Included in that effort were reports for design guidelines. I didn’t think the DGs were ever completed or published, but I see now that DG03 was. I do know that DG01 was never completed because I was one of the authors. We actually use the IEC 61400-x and the Germanischer Lloyd standards here at NREL and I would recommend you use them. Unfortunately, they are not free.


Dear Marshall,

thanks for answering me. Unfortunately not what I hoped. So the approach of DG03 with oscillation will not continue further at NREL?


Dear Dominik,

As Marshall said, NREL stopped working on publishing design guidelines (DG) some time ago.

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