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Dear Wind Turbine Aerodynamics Modeling Enthusiast,

The AeroDyn overhaul kick off meeting took place on Wednesday and Thursday, February 13 and 14 at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado. The presentations given at the meeting, as well as the meeting minutes, are available at … OffMeeting.

The meeting was a tremendous success, with great discussion and feedback. Fifty attendees participating in total, both in person and through a net meeting. Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope that those who travelled to Colorado made it back home safely and that those who attended through the net meeting found the format acceptable.

We’ve established this forum for ongoing communication and feedback regarding the AeroDyn development project. Everyone who is interested should subscribe to this and every topic they want to follow or contribute to. (To do this, go to the page for the topic and click on “Watch this topic for replies” on the bottom left of the page.) We will periodically post updates on our progress and ask for feedback when needed. Please feel free to post your own comments at any time.

We hope that our efforts will result in an improved set of aerodynamic routines that are beneficial to the wind turbine community.

Best regards,

Jason Jonkman
+1 (303) 384 - 7026

Marshall Buhl
+1 (303) 384 - 6914

Pat Moriarty
+1 (303) 384 - 7081

Sandy Butterfield
+1 (303) 384 - 6902

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Hi Marshall,

New suggested topic (Developing AeroDyn for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)

Please let me know if the AeroDyn is developed for vertical axis wind turbines(VAWT), or no?

It will be so nice to give information in coupled dynamics modeling analysis of VAWT in NREL or elsewhere?


Dear Gurhan,

NREL has not done much recently with vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) and does not currently supply software for VAWTs.

However, Sandia National Laboratory in the US has developed the OWENS code for floating VAWT analysis. I’m not sure if it is publicly available, but I believe that was the intent. More information may be found here: … ne-rotors/.

Best regards,