Proposed TurbSim - Design Codes Update Workshops

Dear Wind Turbine Modeling Enthusiast,

We are proposing to hold a three-day workshop covering the topic of stochastic turbulent inflow and its simulation, with particular reference to the theory, use, and applications of the NREL TurbSim code. We also plan to add another workshop on the fourth day that would introduce the latest improvements in other DOE-sponsored design codes: FAST, BModes, AeroDyn, PreComp, NuMAD, and MCrunch (the new Matlab-based version of the post-processor Crunch). We would like to assess the level of interest in the wind turbine modeling community for holding such workshops during September 2008 at NRELs National Wind Technology Center near Boulder, Colorado. We have set up an online poll using the Doodle Polling/Scheduling facility for you or any of your colleagues to indicate their interest in attending and their choice of the week of September 8, 15, or 22 that best meets their schedule.

We have attached a formal letter of inquiry as a PDF

that explains the details of the proposed workshops. No logistical details have been addressed since we will be waiting for the poll results before looking into them.

The link to the Doodle Poll is


We are looking forward to hearing about your interest via the poll and any comments regarding our proposals that you may wish to share either by email or via this Forum.

Best regards,