Motion stabization of ITI Barge

Dear Mr. Jason Jonkman,
I am research scholar working on rotational motion stabilization of ITI barge. For the project, I’m using gyro stabilizer as a motion stabilization unit.

I did finish my experimental fabrication of gyro and wind turbine model (1:50). As second stage of my work, for numerical analysis i have to scale up my parameters of gyro and use with the iti barge .

  1. My question is it possible to couple the gyro stabilizer motion with iti barge motion using fast v8.
  2. If it possible how i cand do

Manmathakrishnan P

Dear Manmathakrishnan,

FAST does not have a model of a gyro (other than the wind turbine rotor itself). You will likely need to modify the source code to add the gyro model yourself.

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Dear Jason Jonkman,

I am working on angular motion stabilization of ITI barge. For which i am need of “Vijfhuizen, W. J. M. J, Design of a Wind and Wave Power Barge, M.S. Dissertation, Department of Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering, Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, September 2006.” which i couldnt find online…could you send me through

I have some quries…

  1. whether i can generate state-space model of full wind turbine system (i.e ITI energy barge 5MW NREL wind turbine) through Fastv8…If it so…how can i provide me the steps to be followed.

thank you

Dear Manmathakrishnan,

I’ve sent you Mr. Vijhuizen’s MS thesis via a-mail.

The linearization functionality of FAST v8 is limited to land-based wind turbines. But we have recently added linearization functionality in OpenFAST for floating offshore wind turbines–see the following forum topic for more information:

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Dear Jonkman
Thanks for your valuable reply… I will look into the open fast…