ITI Barge


I am using Offshore ITI Barge(FAST 7). I want to use linearization analysis in FAST with HydroDyn, but I have to set Wave Mod to 0. I also tried to use FAST 8 but I can’t use linearization analysis because it is the item that is not in FAST 8. So I decided to use FAST 7 and my question how did You use linearization analysis in your book? (“Dynamics Modeling and Loads Analysis of an Offshore Floating Wind Turbine”, J.M.Jonkman, November 2007, chapter 7, pages 123 - 129).

Marijo Kvesic, Croatia

Dear Marijo,

The linearization mentioned on the top of page 125 of NREL/TP-500-41958 was done using FAST v6.10a-jmj, which should be nearly identical to that of FAST v7.

Best regards,