Modelling a tripod turbine tower

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if it is possible to model a strucuture like the one presented in the link below in FAST8: … q3EK6OSMAM:

Basically the idea is to put a turbine on the top of such a “tripod tower” strucuture. Can I use FAST to do it, or does it only allow cylindrical towers?

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Dear Tomas,

FAST / OpenFAST do not currently support the modeling of tripod tower, but we are currently working on enhancements to OpenFAST that will enable the modeling of floating support structures with structural flexibility and member-level loads, which will enable the modeling of the X1 Wind concept and similar floaters. Of course, if you’re not concerned with the internal loads within the tripod tower, you could use the existing capability of FAST / OpenFAST to model the global motions of the system and loads in other structural members like the blades.

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