I am working with the NREL 5MW turbine and have used the test18.fst file to generate an output file in FAST 8.15. I have tried running MExtreme with this .out-file, but I get an error in matlab stated as follows:

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in GrabInputFileHeaderInfo (line 44)
FileInfo.ChanNames{Ch} = temp{1}{Ch};

Error in ParseEESettingsFile (line 240)
[ FileInfo, errStat, errMsg ] = GrabInputFileHeaderInfo( FileInfo );

Error in MExtremes (line 38)
[Settings, FileInfo, EEvTable, EEvChart, errStat, errMsg] = ParseEESettingsFile(SettingsFile);

The problem is due to the .out-file, as I have no problem running the .out-files included in the Certtest folder of MExtreme.

Best regards

Jacob Pedersen

Dear Jacob.Killerup,

When I ran MExtreme, the same trouble to me.

Could you tell me how to deal with it?

Looking forward,


Dear all,

I am getting the following error when I run the mextremes_certification_tests in matlab, please can anyone advice me on this.


Running MExtremes (v1.01.00a-gjh, 20-Oct-2015)

Reading “.\Data\DLC2.3_1.out” (1.409390 MB).
Rows=1201, Cols=133
Reading “.\Data\DLC2.3_2.out” (1.676676 MB).
Rows=1201, Cols=133
Reading “.\Data\DLC2.3_3.out” (1.676676 MB).
Rows=1201, Cols=133
Error using figure
Argument must be a Figure object or a positive integer.

Error in plot_load_cases_maximums (line 14)
hfig = figure(44000 + iPlot);

Error in GenerateCharts (line 39)
plot_load_cases_maximums(outputFileRoot, iChart, Settings.PlotFormat, EEvChart(iChart).absMax(goodDLCs,:), {FileInfo.DLCs(goodDLCs).DLC_Name},
FileInfo.ChanNames(EEvChart(iChart).Chans)’, EEvChart(iChart).Name, EEvChart(iChart).YLabel);

Error in MExtremes (line 114)
GenerateCharts(outputFileRoot, Settings, FileInfo, EEvChart, ChanMinAssocValues, ChanMaxAssocValues);

Error in mextremes_certification_tests (line 42)
MExtremes( ‘Test_03.mext’ );[/code]

Satish J